Great News!

CT Solar Lease is again accepting  a limited number of applications for their lease program.

Those who have submitted pre-qualifications must contact the CT Solar Lease office to complete their application. Note that the program will not be accepting applications indefinitely you must contact them now.

You can contact CT Solar Lease direct and name Sundoor as your installer or call Sundoor and we will work you through the process.


Call us now & let the sun pay your electric bill!

Clean & Affordable Solar Energy for CT Homes & Businesses

Sundoor Solar is a licensed designer and installer of photovoltaic (Solar Panel) power systems in Connecticut.

The opportunity to power your home or business with clean, affordable solar powered energy has never been better. With Solar rebates, tax incentives and improvements in technology, solar energy is now not only affordable, but also often the most economical choice for homeowners and businesses. In fact, Connecticut residents have the opportunity to purchase a solar system with no up front costs. Sundoor Solar will work with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and CT Solar Lease program to set your home or business up with a solar energy system for a fixed monthly payment. The experts at Sundoor will make sure that you take advantage of all of the incentives, rebates and tax incentives that are available.

The Benefits of Solar Power

  • Environmental Benefits: Solar systems are reliable, pollution-free, and use a renewable source of energy preserving our planet's finite fossil fuel resources.
  • Homeowner Benefits: Solar systems allow owners to add an energy-producing improvement to their property at a fixed cost. Over time homeowners recover that cost through reduced monthly electric bills. In addition, homeowners add to the resale value of their homes.
  • Savings Benefits: Solar energy systems make owners less vulnerable to future increases in the price of electricity. Imagine, having your electricity at a fixed cost, minimally affected by the inevitable annual increases in electric rates.
  • Peace of Mind: Solar Panels are a proven durable technology. Most solar panels are guaranteed for 25 years, protecting your investment.

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