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TD Bank - Complete Solar System Installation

Sundoor Solar installed a complete solar system for TD Bank in Farmington, NY

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TD Bank, Farmington NY - A complete installation

Sundoor Solar installed a complete solar system included custom colored solar modules, all electronics and a graphics package that monitors and displays solar generation, weather conditions and environmental impact of the solar system

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Around the clock installation at TD Bank, Farmington NY

Sundoor Solar was recommended for the installation by Florian Solar Products as a premier full service solar company. TD Bank needed the panels installed quickly. Sundoor worked under spotlights in December to finish the job on time.

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View from bottom of TD Bank, Farmington

View of solar panel system from below the underpass for the 3 lane drive-thru window

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TD Bank Solar Panel Installation

Sundoor Solar handled this entire installation in house on TD Bank North, Farmington NY

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Let Sundoor show you the advantages of solar energy!

SunDoor Solar will design a solar power system tailored to meet the financial and power requirements of your company. Rising electricity prices,  the new U.S. business energy tax credit, and improvements in solar technology has made the installation of commercial solar power systems a cost-effective choice for Connecticut businesses. Reduce your energy costs, add immediate value to your business, and produce your own clean power by installing a commercial solar power system.

Commercial Solar Power Benefits

  • Protect against rising electric rates - Own the electricity you generate and start seeing substantially reduced, or even eliminated electric bills.
  • Utilize current tax credits and rebates to save - A significant portion of the cost of a solar system is paid for by taking advantage of state rebates, incentives and the generous 30% Federal solar tax credit/grant and accelerated depreciation.
  • Generate clean power from the sun without pollution or emissions - Solar is the most reliable energy source on the planet.
  • Establish your business as a community leader - Show your customers and the media that you are focused on environmentally responsible business practices.
  • Generate additional income with Solar Renewable Energy Certificates - For every Megawatt-hour generated, a SREC is created. SREC stands for Solar Renewable Energy Certificate and is a tradeable certificate that represents the clean energy benefits of electricity generated from your solar electric system.

Sundoor Solar designs and installs solar panel structures that are manufactured by Florian Solar Products USA


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